Why You Should NOT Clean Your Carpet Yourself

Most of us may be always looking for new ways to save some cash, and that is why many homeowners are practicing do-it-yourself activities in hopes of saving money and cutting back on expenses. One of the most widespread do-it-yourself activities for thousands (maybe even millions) of homeowners is cleaning the carpets.


Calling for just a simple vacuuming, maintaining a carpet might really look easy to do. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Even when you think that your carpet ‘looks’ free from dirt, that might not always be true.


Carpets have fibers that can serve as magnets to microscopic dirt particles. Since these dirt particles are microscopic, they are mostly not very easy to notice and see. These air contaminants may just simply float in the air once disturbed by improper carpet vacuuming.


In relation to this, there are also homeowners who know that vacuuming – not matter how frequently done – is not enough. With this in mind, these homeowners brave the risk as well as the hassle and try to wash their carpets themselves.


Despite the best intentions at heart in washing or shampooing your carpet without the help of professionals, this might not be the best idea.


Water is one of the most (if not THE most) damaging element for carpets. Shampooing or washing your carpet on your own will naturally involve using water. If you do it yourself, you risk over-soaking your carpet in water which would definitely affect its form and appearance. Aside from the risk of over-soaking the carpet to the point of destruction, you are also risking not drying your carpet completely. Carpets, when left with wet or even just moist portions, will encourage mold growth.


Therefore, think twice before proceeding to clean your carpets yourself as you might not be saving money after all. Hire a professional instead and eliminate the risk of having to replace your carpet sooner.