How to Shampoo your Carpet Properly

Carpet shampooing is a popular carpet cleaning method used for a thorough carpet cleaning. This in-depth cleaning method goes down to the carpet fibers to remove dirt, and another good thing about carpet shampooing is that you can rent or purchase a carpet shampooing equipment and do the cleaning process yourself.


Before you actually begin to shampoo your carpet, you have to reduce the dirt on it. Vacuum your carpeted floor meticulously before anything else.


Once you have vacuumed your floor, prepare your carpet shampooing device. Not all carpet shampoo appliances are the same, so make sure that you carefully follow the instructions on how to operate your carpet shampooing device.


Add the water to the cleaning device as directed by the manual. Then, add the carpet soap. The biggest drawback of carpet shampooing is the possibility of leaving too much shampoo or soap residue in the carpet after cleaning. This shampoo residue can remain beneath the surface and will become sticky and even dirtier because it would be a magnet for additional filth. To avoid leftover shampoo on your carpet, never use more of it than what is recommended.


In running the cleaning machine over your dirty carpet, take your time. Carpet shampooing devices need a bit of time to be able to remove dirt on your carpet. You might want to plan ahead on how you can run the machine in such a way that you would not need to step on the newly cleaned portions just to get out of the room after the cleaning process.


The carpet shampooer should be able to remove the shampoo or soap the first time you use it on your carpet. However, just to ensure that you remove as much soap as you can, you can run the machine over the carpet one more time with just water to ‘rinse’ your carpet.


Leave your carpet to dry, turning on your electric fans or putting clean towels over the carpet will help it dry faster. Depending on the carpet material, it may take a few hours to an entire day for your carpet to be completely dry. 

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