Tips on How to Maintain Sisal Carpets Correctly

Sisal carpet is a popular type of natural carpet because of its elegance and impressive resilience. Sisal carpet fibers are made from special leaves of a cactus plant. And, like all carpets, sisal carpets are needing care, cleaning, and maintenance for them to last for a long time.

Sisal Carpets

Because sisal is a natural carpet, it has to be handled with additional care and there are specific cleaning and maintenance methods that should be followed to avoid any damage.


Unlike other carpets made from natural materials, the form of sisal carpets can be affected by humidity. While for other natural carpets, water or moisture of any kind is a no-no, there are times when water can help in restoring a sisal carpet to its original form.


As long as moisture is applied sparingly to the sisal carpet, it can help remove or blot stains out. There are also times when sisal carpet will go through deformity like bending and curling, and in this case, a little bit of water can also help in resolving the problem.


It is vital to remember that you have to control the amount of water or any liquid you apply on to your sisal carpet. Too much moisture in your sisal fibers can permanently destroy your carpet; this is why you cannot treat your sisal carpet for a hot water extraction cleaning or carpet shampooing – drenching it in liquid would result in something disastrous.


In terms of regular cleaning, the use of vacuum cleaners with reliable suction capabilities will help get rid of any dirt stuck within the woven strands.


Sisal is also prone to fading when exposed to direct sunlight. So, you have to make sure that you rotate your sisal rugs and carpets every now and then to prevent unevenness of color due to fading.