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Will the Military Humvee Survive a Shift in US Military Strategy?

Humvees have conquered foreign battlefields and suburban soccer fields alike. But can the rugged vehicle survive a shift in US military strategy?

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The military is not known for moving fast, especially when it comes to approving and implementing new designs. That is why many of the vehicles they have used for decades are still in service, such as their fleets of KC-135 tankers and B-52 bombers. But one area where they have pushed the boundaries is with their workhorse, the Humvee.

The Humvee was designed to replace the military’s aging fleet of Jeeps. It was an instant success, largely due to Hollywood tough guy Arnold Schwarzenegger. The HMMWV is a versatile vehicle that can be up-fitted for a variety of purposes, including carrying cargo, troops, weapons and medical supplies. The Humvee has a unique design that allows it to climb steep hills and take on rough off-road terrain without damaging its underside. Its suspension system uses axels that connect to the top of the tire rather than in the center, which keeps it higher off the ground.

Another advantage of the Humvee is its ease of maintenance. It has a single engine, chassis and transmission, which means fewer parts to maintain. It also has a simplified supply, maintenance and logistics system that reduces life-cycle costs, which saves the taxpayer money.

With several programmes advancing unmanned ground vehicle technology, the Humvee could have a 21st century re-birth as a low-cost unmanned vehicle. This would help to keep soldiers safe on the frontline and allow them to concentrate on their missions.

While the Humvee is a durable and reliable vehicle, its weaknesses are being exposed in the new conflict in Iraq. IEDs (improvised explosive devices) are killing a growing number of US troops in their trucks. To combat this, some troops are taking steps to make the Humvee lighter and more manoeuvrable, such as removing unnecessary armour and doors.

The newest upgrades of the Humvee will be reliability extended. These include a new geared fan drive, cool pack shroud, improved shock absorbers and re-engineered parking brakes. Another addition is the addition of a second power steering pump to increase the fluid pressure and improve performance. Lastly, the engine and transfer case will have a new lubrication system to extend its life.


The United States Armed Forces has gone through a lot of motorized vehicles in its history, from the fabled Harley Davidson bikes to the MRAPs and Humvees of today. The Humvee came about as a result of the military’s need to update its light vehicle fleet in the 1960s. It was intended to replace older Military light utility vehicles such as the M151 jeeps, the quarter-ton Willys MB and Ford GPW command vehicles. The Military’s attempts at upgrading these vehicles proved to be unsuccessful and they were unable to handle the modern threats of the day.

The solution came in the form of the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle or HMMWV. In 1983, the Pentagon awarded a contract to AM General to produce 55,000 of these vehicles. The vehicle soon gained fame when it was used in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, although it suffered some of its biggest blows during these conflicts. Roadside bombs ripped through the minimally armored vehicles, killing service members and making the trucks look as vulnerable as tissue paper; even “up-armored” models were still susceptible to being hit by small arms fire.

As time went on, the Humvee continued to gain popularity as it became a symbol of the United States’ fighting capabilities. The HMMWV also enjoyed some extra exposure when it made an appearance in the movie War of the Worlds as part of the Military forces defending Earth from the invasion of Martians. In the real world, the Humvee’s rise to fame was largely thanks to the endorsement of Hollywood’s ultimate tough guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was so impressed by the Army convoys he saw on the film set that he convinced AM General to begin producing a civilian version of their truck.

Since then, the Humvee has wowed the public with its ability to conquer mud, sand and snow. It has evaded detection in the desert, pulled trailers down the highway and been carried inside the belly of CH-53 helicopters. However, the military is now replacing the Humvee with the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle or JLTV, which boasts better armor, a mine-resistant hull and a powerful engine that leaves the Humvee in its dust.


A military humvee is built to be tough and durable, but it also has an excellent off-roading capability. Its low center of gravity and high ground clearance allow it to navigate muddy, sandy, or snowy terrain easily. Its engine is also powerful, with a 0-60 time of 22.5 seconds. It is an excellent choice for military personnel who need a vehicle that can get them out of harm’s way quickly.

Although HMMWVs have been used in numerous war zones, they are best known for their role in the Gulf War. The vehicles were so popular that they became a cultural icon, leading to the creation of the civilian Hummer. However, the US military is currently phasing out the Humvee in favor of a newer model, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

The HMMWV has been used in all branches of the US Armed Forces and is also used by allied militaries around the world. In fact, it’s the most common wheeled vehicle in the world, primarily because of its durability and versatility. It is a staple of military operations across America and around the globe, and has been through several upgrades over the years to keep up with evolving military requirements.

Despite its impressive capabilities, there was always one persistent weakness that the HMMWV had to overcome. It was not able to withstand roadside bombs, and it became too vulnerable in urban combat situations where it was a sitting duck for insurgents. Eventually, the HMMWV was replaced by armoured vehicles that were better able to withstand IED attacks.

In 2021, the HMMWV began to be phased out of service in favor of the JLTV. Its successor has more advanced armor, a mine-resistant hull, longer suspension travel, locking differentials, and a 400-horsepower diesel engine that leaves the best Humvee motor in its dust.

Although the Humvee is being phased out, it will likely continue to serve the military for many years to come. With several programs advancing unmanned ground vehicle technology, the Humvee could experience a 21st century rebirth as an autonomous vehicle that can scout ahead of advancing troops and take on more dangerous missions without needing human supervision.


The HMMWV is the stalwart of the US Army’s wheeled fleet. It’s a no-nonsense workhorse that has done everything from carrying wounded troops to taking out enemy tanks. It’s also a great off-road vehicle, thanks to its large tires and rugged design. It’s also highly modular, with 44 interchangeable parts so mechanics can repair it quickly and easily.

Despite being tough and reliable, the Humvee has had its problems over the years. It’s not very armoured, so it was often a sitting duck for roadside bombs and ambushes. As a result, the US Army has been looking for a replacement. The new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV, aims to combine the Humvee’s off-road capabilities with the MRAP’s unrivalled protection against IEDs.

As a result, the US military has been testing JLTVs by sending them into frontline service. They’ve been comparing the reliability of Oshkosh, Lockheed Martin, and AM General’s vehicles with their up-armored Humvee counterparts. During the testing phase, they found that Oshkosh’s vehicles were far and away the most reliable, with their platoons averaging 7,051 miles between mission failures. The other manufacturers were not far behind, though the difference was smaller.

While a Humvee is not a comfortable vehicle to ride in, it’s still better than most other vehicles used in warfare. This is because of its unique suspension system. The Humvee has a special axle that connects to the top of each tire rather than in the center. This means that it can stay high off the ground even when driving on steep slopes or going off-roading.

Another reason for the Humvee’s reliability is its safety features. While it doesn’t have seatbelts, there is a roll cage that keeps passengers safe in the event of an accident. Its engine is also waterproof, meaning that it can drive underwater.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Military Humvee, you should check with your insurance company to make sure that it covers the vehicle. You may also need to get it street legal, depending on your state’s regulations. You should also consult a professional about getting your vehicle armored.